Aerospace Ground Support

Vantage provides explosion proof connectors for ground support equipment used in space launch operations. Projects such as the Titan II-G, Atlas V, and Delta IV rely on rugged, environmentally protected Vantage connectors to safely interconnect power and control circuits during ground support.

GB Plug & Junction Box Receptacle
Delta IV rocket
GB Series Connectors

In the year 2000, NASA published Standard KSC-STD-E-0011G for Electrical Power Receptacles and Plugs. This document specifies Vantage GB plugs and various GB receptacle styles for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B-C-D areas. Vantage is the most prominently mentioned connector manufacturer in the document, and has the only approved connector with standard and reverse service inserts.

Index of Kennedy Space Center Specifications and Standards
KSC GP 364
Document Number
Current Status Adobe PDF
File Size(KB)
KSC-STD-E-0011 Rev G 6/7/2000 1,303 Electrical Power Receptacles and Plugs, Standard for
KSC-STD-E-0002 Rev C 9/28/98 174 Hazard proofing of Electrically Energized Equipment, Standard for
400 Amp Explosionproof Connectors
Class I, Division 1
Class I, Division 2
Class l Division l 400 amp receptacle
Class l Division ll 400 amp enclosure
Explosionproof junction box (18 x 18 x 8) UL and CSA listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups B-C-D areas. Mounted on the bottom are two GDT-B1728-42SL-L36 explosion proof receptacles. Supplied with covers and female inserts for line side power, each of these receptacles is pre-wired and factory sealed. The #4/0 line wires from these receptacles are landed on three power terminal blocks. One side of these blocks will accept two each #4/0 wires (one from each receptacle) and the other side will accept one each 500 MCM conductor. The grounds will be attached to a stud mounted on the inside of the enclosure. The #10 relay contacts will be landed on terminal blocks. These wires go to a contactor or a circuit breaker with shunt trip or under voltage release.

Explosion proof stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure with pre-mounted components customized to your specification. The completed receptacle enclosure is designed for Class I, Division 2, Group B-C-D hazardous areas. It is also EEx d (ATEX) certified, see EMR's. Other options include control buttons (including: push, selector switch, mushroom push, stop, and key switch), pilot lights, zener barriers and various receptacle options.

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