We design and manufacture receptacles to customer specs.
250 Amp Enclosure
E and F relay pins in the GDT enable electrical interlocking.

Bulkhead GDT Receptacles
The explosionproof bulkhead GDT receptacle comes complete with E and F relay pins, and is relied upon by commercial airlines such as American, United, Continental, Singapore and China Airlines.

Interlocked Receptacles
Our 300A interlocked receptacle with circuit breaker and contactor was developed for the US Army Corps of Engineers and Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

Aircraft Cable Assemblies
We design and fabricate 400Hz assemblies combining Vantage explosionproof connectors and MS rubber-molded connectors. Utilizing the E and F relay pins to create an electrical interlock, these flexible assemblies supply power directly to aircraft, mobile carts and frequency converters.

Aircraft Hangar Drop Cables
To prevent the hangar floor from being overwhelmed in a sea of cables, some airlines prefer to bring power in from above.  This is accomplished by mounting motorized cable reels 60-70 feet above the hangar floor.  Maintenance crew can lower the connectors using explosion proof pendant stations, perform maintenance operations, and safely stow the cable when finished.

GDT Insert
Vantage connectors safely make and break under full rated load in the presence of jet fuel vapor and other hazardous gases. GDU and GDT connectors are ideal for high ampere hangar floor applications rated Class I, Division 1. These 200 amp / 400 hz connectors are machined from hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel for maximum durability.

Bulkhead Receptacles & Aircraft Cable Assemblies

Vantage Ground Power connectors meet the world’s most stringent certification requirements.  First tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, these ground power units are now also approved and certified to Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D at 60/400 hertz by CSA International - Canada and ATEX certified EEx d IIB + H2 T6 by KEMA - The Netherlands. Vantage Technology is an ISO 9001:2000 company.
Hangar Layout
Vantage provides hazardous area interconnect solutions for military & commercial aircraft hangars.  With the flexibility of 50/60/400 Hz ratings and the strength of internationally respected product & quality certifications, Vantage explosion proof connectors deliver safe, reliable connections in hangar applications worldwide.
Explosionproof Aircraft Hangar Ground Support Plugs, Receptacles and Cable Assemblies

Hangar Ground Power Receptacle

Vantage Ground Power receptacles mount flush into the concrete deck of an aircraft hangar or service apron.  Cast from nodular iron for increased strength and durability, each unit is available with one or two power receptacles mounted in the intermediate cover. Power receptacles are rated at 30, 60, 100 or 200 amps at 50/60/400 Hz.

Ground Power Receptacles
Cover Identification Options
Product Features
Explosionproof Class I, Division 1 and Class I, Zone 1 certified.
Single or duplex receptacle combinations available.
Explosionproof pushbuttons and pilot lights for point-of-use control.
Color coded covers and conduit entries to customer specifications.
Unique drainage system prevents pooling around the receptacle.

Hangar Service Pits & Receptacles

Hangar pits and service outlets allow military and airline operators to position electrical power in the hangar floor convenient to aircraft scheduled for maintenance.  Equipped with power and/or control circuits, maintenance crews can easily use the pit receptacle to hook up portable equipment or bring power directly to the aircraft.

The Vantage PowerLink™ design eliminates all past accessibility issues associated with receptacles mounted in sub-grade pits. With this design an attachment receptacle, which is part of a flexible cable assembly, is nested in a basket mounted to the bottom of the service pit cover. As the pit cover is opened the Class I, Division 1 and Class I, Zone 1 receptacle is presented to the user. Gone is the need to kneel on the concrete deck to mate the plug to the power supply receptacle.
Click here to view the ADS-V-70983 for available PowerLink™ options.


Aircraft Test Stands

C5A Aircraft Workstand

Test stands for the 767 and C5A airplanes require 30 amp, 480 volt, 4 pole 5 wire explosion proof connectors. Panel Mount style receptacles are used to safely bring power to and from various test stand enclosures. Supplied with a flat gasket to maintain the purge within the enclosure, Panel Mount receptacles are also pre-wired and factory sealed, requiring no external seal fittings. Optional color coding and alternate keyed inserts ensure proper matching of connectors when a mixture of frequencies and voltages are present.