Oil & Gas Drilling

Since 1979, Vantage has provided safe, reliable connectors at a level of service the drilling industry demands. Our BOP (blowout preventer) connectors and offshore rig phone system assemblies are supplied with product and quality certifications that are recognized world wide. And now, Vantage offers the option of stainless steel hardware, ideal for marine environments.

Offshore Drilling Rig
Stainless Steel

All Vantage Power and Control connectors are available in stainless steel hardware - able to withstand corrosive saltwater environments.


Victory and Millennium series connectors are both explosion proof and submersible! When fully mated, they will withstand 200 PSI of external as well as 100 PSI of internal pressure.

Stainless Steel Explosionproof Connectors
Blowout Preventor Connectors

Vantage provides blowout preventer connectors for Class I, Division 1 and/or Zone 1 installations. These rugged, weatherproof connectors are available in the following configurations:

61 conductor 18 gage (.75 mm)

68 conductor 16 gage (1.5 mm)

Crimp style contacts plated in silver, gold over silver, or gold over nickel, are supplied to facilitate field termination. Receptacles are pre-wired and factory sealed, external seal fittings are not required.

Vantage also offers cable termination, electrical integrity inspections, and quality control services. Save time and money on total installed cost by having the skilled technicians at Vantage fabricate your compete assembly, delivered to your facility ready to install. Learn more ...

Drilling Rig Phone Systems

Vantage AF Control connectors are ideal for offshore drilling rig applications.

Drilling Rig Explosionproof Phone Systems