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Petro-Chemical Process Plants
3M Enclosure

Vantage has the ability to provide customized assemblies that meet world-wide safety requirements. With multiple third party product and quality system certifications, Vantage connectors are sure to perform in demanding situations.

Whether you need to connectorize a mobile skid used in classified area chemical production or safely interconnect a motor to machinery used in a plastics plant, Vantage has your solution.

Mining BM Series

BM series connectors are certified for use in
Class I, Group D and Class II, Group F hazardous areas by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA). These robust connectors are designed to make safe connections in the presence of methane gas, coal, coke and carbon black dusts. Listed to make & break at full rated load, the BM series, like all Vantage connectors, incorporates quick make & break mechanisms to minimize arcing when engaging and disengaging the plug.  All junction box, NPT, and panel mount style receptacles are pre-wired and factory sealed, no external seal fittings are required. 

Corrosion Resistance
Designed for corrosive environments, junction boxes are sand-cast, copper free aluminum, protected by our VanGuard baked polymer finish system.  Plug and receptacle shells are machined from 6061T6 aluminum and finished by hard anodizing to exceed corrosion resistance requirements per MIL-STD-202, Method 101, Condition D.

Mining BM Series Features

Mining Power & Control
Pharmaceutical Facilities

Vantage Stainless Steel Millennium Series connectors are explosion proof and submersible, ideal for the pharmaceutical industry where facilities are hosed down to minimize dust buildup and maintain cleanliness. These stainless steel connectors, third party certified for Class I, Division 1 areas, provide power and control circuits to portable carts functioning in pharmaceutical process facilities. Choose from four receptacle styles when designing an interconnect system. You can be sure that no matter what the hazardous application, Vantage has a solution.

Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Connectors
UL, EX, CSA Certified