US Forest Service - Wastewater Pump Stations
Explosionproof connectors designed for field termination

Connectors designed for field termination

Vantage Victory series explosion proof connectors set the standard for wastewater pump stations at US Forest Service installations.

Section: 62.91 of The Forest Service Handbook, FSH 7409.11 (SANITARY ENGINEERING AND PUBLIC HEALTH HANDBOOK 12/76 WO AMENDMENT 5) defines the agency's policies, practices, and procedures as they pertain to Hazardous (Class I, Division I) Locations per the National Electric Code 500-4.

As a result, Vantage connectors are defined in Specification 16115,

  • NEMA 7 Dry Location - Explosion proof Circuit Breaking Plugs and Receptacles. (Section 2.14)
  • NEMA 7 Sewage Pump Station Wet well - Explosion proof Circuit Breaking Plugs and Receptacles. (Section 2.15)
  • NEMA 4 Disconnect Plugs And Receptacle. (Section 2.16)

    *From USFS Facilities & Environmental Engineering CSI Construction Specifications Divisions 1 - 16.
Also see USFS Electrical Engineering Drawings
Drawing # ED000121
Explosion proof Submersible Plug and Receptacle Detail
Link : ed000121.pdf
Corrosion Resistant & Submersible

Corrosion Resistance ... Designed for corrosive environments, junction boxes are sand cast, copper-free aluminum, protected by our VanGuard baked polymer finish system. Plug and receptacle shells are machined from 6061T6 aluminum and finished by hard anodizing to exceed corrosion resistance requirements per MIL-STD 202, Method 101, Condition D.

Vantage's Millennium series offers the same explosionproof design in stainless steel.

US Forest Service Installation

US Forest Service
Willaby Pump Station

Vantage Junction Box Receptacle

Still in Service - GD plugs and receptacles after 25 years in service in a US Forest Service Below Grade Waste Water Pump Station

The Quinault Ranger District is located in a temperate rainforest and receives rainfall ranging from 120 to 240 inches annually.

Vantage Connectors

Submersible ... Victory and Millennium series connectors are both explosionproof and submersible! When fully mated, they will withstand 200 PSI of external as well as 100 PSI of internal pressure.

Below grade wastewater pump station with Vantage Victory Series Starline Explosionproof plugs and receptacles are submerged for nine months and still fully functional.

Submersible Connectors
Submersible Connectors

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