We also supply our connectors as complete cable assemblies. See our systems page.
Harness Assembly
Power Connectors
Control Connectors
  • 3 thru 6 Contacts
  • 20 thru 260 Amps
  • 1000 VAC

GD / GB Product Features

With ATEX certification to reinforce an extensive list of Third Party listings, Vantage is now the world's largest manufacturer of divisional and zonal rated connectors.
  • 10 thru 100 contacts
  • 3.5 thru 10.0 Amps
  • 250 VAC / 125 VDC

AF Product Features

ATEX Nameplate

Industrial Gas Turbines
Turbine collage

Vantage quick disconnect power and control solutions are ideal
for industrial gas turbine, trailer mounted power generator &
mobile gas compressor applications. With a proven service
record in demanding Class I rated areas, turbine
manufacturers know they can rely on Vantage for their explosionproof connector needs.

And unlike other manufacturers who "self-certify" their products, all Vantage connectors carry multiple third party product and
quality certifications, recognized and trusted both
internationally and in the U.S.A.

Vantage explosion proof connectors deliver safe, reliable connections in turbine applications worldwide.