StrateLine EPD, ERR and ERH
EPD Plugs and ER Receptacles, in addition to their regular function of making electrical connections to portable equipment, are current-rupturing devices which provide a safe and positive means for opening and closing electrical circuits.
The contacts are confined within closed chambers to snuff the arc and are detained a sufficient length of time in their travel to permit cooling before exposure to the atmosphere. This is accomplished by the delayed action feature, which operates on the extremely simple straight-line principle illustrated schematically at the bottom of this page.
Listed plugs fit only receptacles of the same rating.Nameplate
Contact units are factory-sealed in the receptacle housing at the terminal end, therefore seal fittings are not required adjacent to the receptacle. Flexible lead wires are provided for connection to the circuit wires.
Plugs and receptacles with a longer extra pole connect directly to the shell, completing the grounding circuit through the conduit system. The ground pole of the plug has a solderless lug for connecting the extra conductor of the portable cord which is required by Article 500 of the N.E.C. for grounding non-current carrying metal parts of portable devices.
EPD Plug & ERR Receptacle
20 or 30 Amperes
2 Wire, 3 Pole
3 Wire, 4 Pole
Circuit Breaking, Delayed Action Operating PrincipleOperating Principle