XP Millennium Series
Stainless Steel Power Connectors

In 2000, at the start of the third millennium, Vantage introduced the first stainless steel connectors designed for use in Class I and Class II hazardous areas. Incorporating all of the proven technology from the Victory Series, including the circuit-breaking make-and-break capability up to 200 amps, this landmark achievement includes CSA and ATEX product listings and is backed by our ISO 9001:2000 quality system

SD & SB Series
SD Plug & Receptacle
  Third Party Certifications  
CSA CSA International CSA
MSHA Mine Safety
U.S. Bureau of Mines
ATEX EC Type-Examination Certificate with KEMA EX

Make/break at full rated load, these connectors are required to pass an overload test of 50 cycles at 150% of their ampere rating in a chamber filled with a mixture of hazardous vapors. View a Flash Animation demo.

Reverse Service
This feature, available with all connectors, insures electrical safety where lineside power is carried from the plug to the receptacle.

Factory Sealing
Junction box, NPT, and panel-mounted receptacles are pre-wired and factory sealed. No external seals are required.

200 Amp Connector
CSA and ATEX listed in what is now recognized as a landmark achievement by a connector manufacturer.

Insert Patterns
Grounding inserts with 3, 4, 5, and 6 contacts are described as 2 Pole 3 Wire, 3 Pole 4 Wire, 4 Pole 5 Wire, and 3 Pole 4 Wire plus 2 relay length contacts. The ground pin is longer and will make first - break last, an important safety feature.

Vantage connectors are explosion proof and submersible! Fully mated, they will withstand 200 PSI of external as well as 100 PSI of internal pressure.

Tested at both 60 and 400 hertz. This feature is of paramount importance at airports and aircraft maintenance facilities around the world. Users include Boeing, Lockheed martin, McDonnell Douglas, United, TWA, Delta, Air Canada, El Al, and the C5A Military Program.

Color Coding
Plugs and receptacles are available with color coding variations for specific application identification. This coding could include the plug coupling nut and cover with matching colors on various receptacle components.

Cable Assemblies
Connectors are available as complete assemblies made to your specification and shipped to any site, ready to install.

Junction Box Receptacle
Junction Box Receptacle
Explosionproof sand-cast, copper-free aluminum enclosure protected by our Van Guard baked polymer finish system, for added corrosion resistance.
Alternate Keyed Inserts
For added safety, inserts can be keyed in alternate positions to prevent mating of differing voltages, frequencies or services.
Stainless Steel Enclosures
Stainless Steel Enclosures
Built to your specifications and supplied as an EMR with top assembly ATEX certificate.

NPT Receptacle
NPT Mount
Vantage developed NPT receptacles to thread into explosion proof enclosures. Pre-wired and factory sealed, these receptacles are available in four shell sizes with wire leads of any specified length.
Cable Assembly
Cable Assemblies
SF connectors are available as complete assemblies made to your specification and shipped to any site, ready to install.
Inline Receptacle
Attachment Receptacles
In-line / cable-mounted: they are available with backshell variations and watertight threaded covers. Assemblies can be built in extension cord fashion.