Power Connectors
UL, CSA, & MSHA Certifications
ATEX Certifications
Power Connector Links
  • Up to 6 contacts
  • 20 thru 260 amps
  • 120 thru 1000 Volts AC
  • 50/60/400 Hertz
  • Circuit breaking
  • Numerous third party certifications
Explosionproof Power Connectors
*Now available in stainless steel* hardware, perfect for saltwater environments. See stainless steel features under Power Connector Links
ul StrateLine Power Connectors csa
EPD, ERR & ERH Series
PX & YX Series
EPD, ERR & ERH Series Connectors
PX & YX Series Connectors
Circuit Breaking, Delayed Action Type
Explosion proof
- Class I, Groups C and D
Featuring an Interlocked Tumbler Switch
Explosion proof and Dust-tight
Class I, Group D and Class II, Group G