Vantage connectors are designed for simple and reliable field termination. In most cases, no special tooling is required. Product data sheets specify tooling for each product.
Hand Crimp Tools
The AF and SF Series of explosion proof control attachment plug and receptacle connectors require crimp tools to terminate the connector to specification. Hand crimp tools provide an economical means to make reliable crimp terminations in the field. Pneumatic tooling is recommended for larger contacts and when a great number of terminations are required.
T-103 with turret head. The turret head accepts all contact types and sizes. Learn More.
T-103 Crimp Tool
T-104 with interchangeable contact locators. Locators are hand threaded into place. Learn More.
T-104 Crimp Tool
Pneumatic Crimp Tool

T-105 and T-105-HE Pneumatic Crimp Tool. Any standard air supply powers the tool. Crimp dies and locators accept 18 thru 4/0 AWG contacts. Learn More.

T-105 Crimp Tool
Contact Removal Tools
AF and SF contacts are rear insertable / rear removable. Insertion requires no special tooling. Removal requires an extraction tool.
Contact Removal Tool
Contact Size Extraction Tool Number
18 T-106-18
16 T-106-16
12 T-106-12
10 T-106-10
Plug Assembly Tool
Each plug comes with an assembly tool that allows the plug shell to be wrenched to the backshell hardware.
Plug Assembly Tool
Shell Size Plug Assembly
Tool Number
16 T-101-16A
20 T-101-20A
24 T-101-24A
28 T-101-28A
Plug Disassembly Tool
The plug disassembly tool simplifies the removal of the plug shell from the connector assembly. Removal is necessary to access the termination area of the pins / sockets.
Plug Disassembly Tool
Shell Size Plug Disassembly
Tool Number
16 T-102-16R
20 T-102-20R
24 T-102-24R
28 T-102-28R
Test Plug Kit
  In certain cases, it is recommended to perform a Mate Check Test before each connection. A Mate Check Plug replicates a complete mating cycle, Test Plug Kit
Pre assembled interconnect Systems
Vantage has been designing and manufacturing complete interconnect systems since 1979. Let us prepare your interconnect system and ship it to you ready to install at your site.