Product Usage and Assembly Instructions

Document Number Title Revision
M-175-EC GB and GD Series Attachment Plugs 12/10
M-178 TPV-70023-28, Coupling Tool, Handle Assembly 09/98
M-180 EPD Series Plugs 02/04
M-190 YX Series Receptacles 12/98
M-200 BM Series Attachment Plugs 03/01
M-210 PXD Series Attachment Plugs 02/99
M-283-EC AF Serieis Attachment Plugs 12/10
M-284 T-102 Plug Disaasembly Tool A
M-313-EC Ground Power 05/10
M-587 Mounting Bracket for Attachment Receptacles 10/12
M-602-EC GB-SB and GD-SD Series Attachment Receptacles 12/12
M-603-EC AF and SF Series Attachment Receptacles 10/08
M-605 ER Series Receptacles 11/99
M-606-EC AF-SF and GB-GD Series Junction Box Receptacles 12/12
M-607-EC AF and GB-GD Panel Mount Receptacles 10/12
M-608-EC AF/SF, GB/SB and GD/SD Series NPT Mount Receptacles 12/07
M-609 V-70171-ER-Kit, ER Cover Replacement Instructions 11/00
M-610 V-70172-YX-Kit, YX Cover Replacement Instructions 11/00
M-611 T-105 Pneumatic Crimp Tool 12/08
M-614-EC Crimp Tool Kit, T-103-CT-K, Turret Head Model 10/03
M-615-EC Crimp Tool Kit, T-104-CT-K, Locator Model 10/03
M-620 V-70839 Test Plug Kit 11/07
M-621 V-70247 Mate Check Kit 11/07
These are the assembly and usage instructions that ship with the product and include all the information you should require for installation and maintenance. If you require assistance not covered by these instructions, please do not hesitate contact us.